Japanese Yen – Forex Technical Analysis August 18, 2019

The Japanese yen has recently been in strong demand as a “safe haven” for investors on the topic of the risk off sentiments associated with the trade war between the US and China.


On the daily chart of the USDJPY currency pair, we see a clear downward long-term channel. Continue reading

The key to understanding the current situation in the Forex

Take a look at the 4-hour dollar index (USDX) futures chart. We see very strong consolidation in a narrow range (blue rectangle).

Traders are in a state of uncertainty about the future prospects of the US dollar. Continue reading

Forex trading from supply and demand zones

Trading in financial markets from levels (or zones) of supply and demand is traditionally associated with the methodology developed by Sam Seiden and his colleagues.

ping-pong from demand and supply

This methodology is extremely interesting for traders for several reasons. First of all, it is quite simple to understand and based on the basic principles of market interaction of supply and demand. It does not use complex technical indicators and, according to many traders, it provides significant advantages in the real trading of any financial instruments. Let’s delve into this methodology together. Continue reading

Great optical video illusion – cars disappear into the bridge

This video was posted on Twitter and caused a lot of perplexity.

Look carefully and note how long it took you to figure out where the cars disappear. Continue reading

The historic FOMC decision – cut rate to 2.25%

For the first time in the last 10 years, the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) has decided to cut the interest rate by 0.25% to 2.25%.

Donald Trump,Jerome Powell

Below is the full text of this historic decision. Continue reading

British Pound (GBPUSD) – high volatility ahead

Technical analysis of the GBPUSD currency pair tells us about the current extreme degree of consolidation in this pair.


As a rule, there is a way out of any consolidation and it can be very volatile, which provides traders with good trading opportunities. Continue reading

Trader’s workplace – how many monitors are needed

If you decide to trade seriously and for a long time, then sooner or later you will have a question: how many monitors are needed and how to organize your workplace correctly.

Linda Raschke's Workplace

In the photo above, you see the desktop of Linda Raschke, the author of the popular book “Street Smarts — High Probability Short Term Trading Strategies”. In this article I want to share with you my experience of working space organization for trading in the Forex market. Continue reading

US dollar – change of the long-term trend? Do not hurry…

The week before last week was marked by the most significant weekly decline in the US dollar index (USDX) for the entire last period of its growth. And this is more than one year.

USDX Weekly-290619

During the entire last year, investors and speculators bought the US dollar at all its falls and were in profit. Continue reading

How real is the global recession?

Trade wars, inversion of the US and Eurozone yield curves, slowdown of world economic growth provoked a new round of active discussion of the likelihood of a downturn in the global economy.

An avalanche of risks

An avalanche of recession is ready to embark on its deadly path. So how real is the recession in the global economy? Continue reading

Can the market correctly predict the change in interest rates?

The US economy added only 75,000 jobs in May, which is more than 100,000 less than experts predicted.

A sharp slowdown in the growth of the number of jobs in May provoked a rise in traders’ expectations that the Fed would start lowering rates in July, lowering them an additional two times before the end of the year.

roller-coaster on financial markets

However, are the experts able to correctly predict the actions of the Fed in the future? Continue reading