A compromise missile strike against Syria

British, American and French aircraft attacked objects in Syria on Saturday night.

Missile strike on Syria
Participants in the conflict, both from the Western coalition and from the opposite side – Syria, Iran and Russia, managed to carry out the operation in such a way that all parties managed to withdraw from it while retaining their face and minimizing the impact on financial markets.

About 110 air-to-surface missiles were fired at targets in Damascus and outside the city. According to preliminary data, three people were injured.

According to the latest information from the Russian Defense Ministry, only 103 rockets were fired, 71 missiles were shot down by the Syrian air defense system.

According to the US, the attacks fell on three targets in the region of Damascus and Homs, allegedly linked to the Syrian chemical weapons program – a research institute, a command post and warehouses. According to the human rights organization Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, three research centers were attacked, two in Damascus and one in Homs. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reported that among the targets was also the military airfield of Dumayr, but all the missiles fired on it were intercepted.

“Syria’s air defense systems have effectively destroyed the majority of missiles, some have fallen into one and the buildings where the educational center and scientific laboratories are located.” The damage was only material. “The missiles aimed at the military base near Homs were changed, which led to the wounding of three civilians, “- said in a statement of the Syrian General Staff.

The Pentagon was told that the US chose targets for a strike in Syria so as to minimize the likelihood of involvement of Russian military personnel in the situation.

The S-125, S-200, Buk and Kvadr air defense assets, produced more than 30 years ago in the USSR, were involved in repelling the missile strike, the Russian Defense Ministry said. Russian air defense units in Syria were not used to repel missiles of the coalition. The Ministry of Defense of Russia said that the missiles launched in Syria were not included in the zone of responsibility of Russian air defense.

NATO countries were informed about the missile strike on Syria a few hours before the missile strike. The United States did not notify Russia of a blow to Syria. “The only discussion that took place in connection with this operation before hitting the targets was a standard notification on the safety line,” said Joseph Dunford, head of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff.

US Secretary of Defense James Mattis said that the blow to Syria was a one-shot, but the head of the Pentagon did not rule out regular military actions in the future. “Future blows will depend on the ability of the Syrian regime to use chemical weapons,” he added.

The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons arrived in Damascus on April 13, but did not have time to proceed with the actual investigation. This morning they had to go to the place of the “alleged” chemical attack in Guta. The blows were inflicted without waiting for the results of the official investigation of the OPCW. And who is interested in it now.

“White Helmets” along with the militants left East Gutu. The attacks on Syria were caused precisely in response to information from the White Helmets organization, linked to the Syrian opposition, which stated that on 7 April a chemical attack with the use of chlorine and a nerve agent occurred in the Syrian city of Dumah. Its victims allegedly became 70 people, injured more than a thousand.

The blow was inflicted at a time when all financial markets were closed. Over the weekend, this topic will exhaust itself and move into a planned verbal skirmish, which minimizes the impact on the currency market on Monday.

All the leaders managed to keep their promises. Trump acted on the principle of “the boy said – the boy did.” France and Great Britain supported and participated. Syrian (or Russian ????) air defense brought down a number of missiles, as promised. There are practically no victims. There is no damage. All aircraft and aircraft carriers are intact. Each of the state leaders uses this situation for their internal audience. The threat of a third world war has receded, at least for a while.

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