Gold (XAUUSD) – consolidation at the market

The uptrend in the gold market has changed to a downtrend relative to the US dollar.

XAUUSD Technical Analysis
Gold (XAUUSD) came out of the growing channel and formed a downward channel. Recent impulses of the price formed a new Lower Low, and Lower High. However, the last week the movement in the gold market has stopped. What’s next? Continue reading

Gold reserves in Russia for February increased by 24.92 tons

In accordance with the materials of the Bank of Russia, the reserves of monetary gold in the international reserves of the Russian Federation in February 2018 increased by 1.34%.

Emblem of the Central Bank of Russia
During this month, 24.92 tons were purchased and sent to the reserve. Continue reading

Technical analysis of gold (XAUUSD) March 20, 2018.

On the chart of gold (XAUUSD) there is an interesting technical picture.

Technical analysis XAUUSD H4-200318
Further actions of gold traders can lay the direction of movement for this asset for the near future. Continue reading

Bullions with gold and platinum fell from the plane at take-off in Russia

When taking off from the airport of Yakutsk near the An-12 plane, the left flap of the cargo hatch was broken by an air flow, the airport press service reported.

Gold bars on the runway
On board An-12 were 9 tons of gold and platinum in ingots. Continue reading

Russia in January 2018 added 18.7 tons of gold to its reserves

In January 2018, the Central Bank of Russia continued to buy gold for the country’s reserves.

Putin in the Bank of Russia's RepositoryRussia purchased 18.7 metric tons of gold in its reserves in January 2018, the total amount of gold reserves in Russia amounted to 1,857 metric tons or 59.7 million ounces. Continue reading

The gold reserves of Russia grew by 224 tons in 2017

The Bank of Russia purchased in December 2017 9.3 tons of gold for its official gold reserves. Thus, for the entire 2017, 223.9 tons of gold was added to gold reserves, as a result of which the total reserves of monetary gold in international gold and currency reserves of Russia increased by 13.87% in 2017.

Putin and gold
As of January 1, 2018, the total gold reserves in the international reserves of the Russian Federation are 1838 tons (59.1 million ounces) according to the Central Bank of Russia. The share of gold in international reserves of Russia for 2017 increased from 15.9% to 17.7%. The value of gold in reserves for the year increased to $ 76.647 billion, or by 27%. Continue reading

Gold (XAUUSD) – as a trading tool on Forex

Gold is a noble metal of yellow color, element 11 of the group of periodic system of chemical elements of Mendeleev, with atomic number 79. It is designated by the symbol Au (latin – “Aurum“).

Gold bullions

Gold due to its unique physical and chemical properties has been used throughout the history of mankind – both as jewelry, as a metal, and as money. The main properties of gold – homogeneity, divisibility, wastelessness, portability, convenience of transportation, sustainability (wear resistance) and universality. Thus, as a result of the natural selection of monetary materials, the role of money for a long time was assigned to gold. Continue reading