Great optical video illusion – cars disappear into the bridge

This video was posted on Twitter and caused a lot of perplexity.

Look carefully and note how long it took you to figure out where the cars disappear. Continue reading

Merry Christmas to all readers


We wish you good luck in the market and profitable trades next year and give you this video. Continue reading

Brexit vote delayed – Teresa May appeared as Gollum

Teresa May did not dare to bring the agreement on the withdrawal of Great Britain from the European Union to the final vote in Parliament. Voting on the transaction postponed indefinitely.


Meanwhile, a funny video was posted on the Internet, in which British actor Andy Serkis once again performed the role of Gollum (the character of the Lord of the Rings trilogy) as British Prime Minister Theresa May. Continue reading

Forex humor – men as investment tools

As there is no ideal investment tool, there is no ideal man.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

All men, like investment tools, have three most important characteristics: reliability, liquidity, profitability. Continue reading

Funny optical illusion in the network

Just look at the photo and tell me what you see?

Funny optical illusion

As if he stands on his heels in women’s clothes and hugs a girl sitting on a chair. But take a closer look. Continue reading

“Snegovichok” in London – soon from Britain will send 23 snowman to Russia

The UK was covered by a cyclone – “Snegovichok”. “Snegovichok” in Russian is a small snowman, but this word very consonant with the word “Novichok”.

Snegovichok in London

Teresa May said that the birthplace of the snow is Russia, and requires Putin to explain. Continue reading

Bullions with gold and platinum fell from the plane at take-off in Russia

When taking off from the airport of Yakutsk near the An-12 plane, the left flap of the cargo hatch was broken by an air flow, the airport press service reported.

Gold bars on the runway
On board An-12 were 9 tons of gold and platinum in ingots. Continue reading

Sometimes in the Forex market it happens so ….

Time spent on the Forex market as a result of life does not go …

Funny forex picture

Forex market is the Hotel California of our time …

“You can check out any time you like,
But you can never leave!”

                                                      Eagles, Hotel California

Forex Humour Eng

I wish you all a successful trading week. And the classic rock for raising the mood. Continue reading

A brothel with silicone dolls opened in England

Salon for the sale of realistic silicone dolls called Lovedoll UK and is located in Gateshead  near Sutherland. foto-dolls1
Before buying, you can try the chosen doll by spending some time with her in an intimate atmosphere. Continue reading

Never before has America frozen like before under Putin

In Russia they joke – “America has never frozen like before under Putin”. 

Frozen America

Residents of the peninsula in New Zealand built an island to drink on New Year’s Eve.

In New Zealand, during the New Year period, there is a ban on drinking alcohol in public places, including beaches. Violators can be fined or arrested.

New Zealand Island
To avoid the alcohol ban, a group of enterprising citizens from the Coromandel Peninsula in the north of New Zealand built a small sandy island at the mouth of the Teirua River. Continue reading

That’s all you need to know about bitcoins

Once in the village a merchant appeared and told the residents that he would buy from them monkeys for $ 10. The villagers, seeing how many monkeys in the jungle, abandoned their plots and began to catch the monkeys. The merchant bought thousands of monkeys for 10 dollars, but the number of monkeys began to decrease and catching them became more difficult.

Then the merchant raised the reward for capturing each monkey to $ 20. And people again began to catch monkeys. Continue reading