Index USD: 5 doji in a row on H4

At the moment, the balance of forces has formed on the chart of the USD (USDX) Index. We see five candles dodges in a row on the H4 chart.

USDX H4-doji

Doji candles are highlighted in a blue square. This is a sign of uncertainty and market indecision. On a 5-minute chart, it looks like this.

USDX M5-doji

What is USDX and how to use it in this article. The index is in a downtrend, below 100 SMA H1 and over support (green line). This situation can not last long and we must see a breakthrough from the consolidation zone. It remains only to have patience.


Less than an hour and our doji perfectly worked themselves out mainly by taking stops of EUR sellers.

USDX M5-doji

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