Residents of the peninsula in New Zealand built an island to drink on New Year’s Eve.

In New Zealand, during the New Year period, there is a ban on drinking alcohol in public places, including beaches. Violators can be fined or arrested.

New Zealand Island
To avoid the alcohol ban, a group of enterprising citizens from the Coromandel Peninsula in the north of New Zealand built a small sandy island at the mouth of the Teirua River.

Once the island was completed, they installed a wooden picnic table and mini fridge. During the construction of the sandy core, the members of the group stated that the prohibition on alcohol consumption does not apply to them, since they “are in international waters”. Enterprising residents met the New Year 2018 drinking and watching the fireworks.

The local police commander, Inspector John Kelly, said the police were not aware of such an attempt to bypass the ban on alcohol. “This is a creative approach – if I knew about this, I would join them.”

The sand castle was still visible and intact on Monday morning.

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