Script “Close All” and other useful scripts for MetaTrader4.

The Script in the MetaTrader4 trading terminal is a small program that performs a one-time action and is disabled.

Metatrader 4 Scripts

At the end of this article you can download the “Close All” script and other scripts for managing multiple positions in the MetaTrader4 trading terminal.

The scripts are very convenient for automating the same type of repetitive actions in the MT4 terminal.

If your trading strategy involves opening a large number of trading positions, averaging or hedging can be extremely inconvenient to manually close a large number of transactions of the same type. In such cases, Scripts come to your aid.

You can download and install the following scripts:

Close All” – closes all open positions on the chart of a currency pair;
Close Losses” – closes all unprofitable positions on the chart of a currency pair;
Close Open” – closes all open positions, with the exception of established pending orders on the chart of a currency pair;
Close Pendings” – closes all open pending orders on the chart of a currency pair;
Close Profits” – closes all profitable positions on the chart of a currency pair;

In order to start the execution of the Script, just hold it with the left mouse button, drag it onto the chart of the currency pair and release the key.

If you double-click on the script in the Navigator menu, then it will apply to all graphs of currency pairs and all positions in the MT4 terminal.

After performing its function, the script will automatically be deleted from the chart.

In the MT4 terminal, scripts are located in the Navigator window after indicators and advisers.

In order to add new scripts to your MT4 trading terminal, you need to copy the script files and paste them into the Scripts folder in the MQL4 section. This action is similar to installing indicators in the terminal, only scripts are copied to its folder.

Accordingly, you need to remember to restart the terminal or click the “Update” button in the Navigator window after copying files.

In order for scripts to be executed by the trading terminal, it is necessary to set the permission for automatic trading in the MT4 Terminal Options – menu “Expert Advisors” -“Allow automated trading”.Setting up scripts in MT4

Few also know that scripts in the MT4 terminal can be assigned hot keys. This is done very simply. You need to select a script in the Scripts section of the Navigator window, right-click, select the “Set hotkey” option (see the pictures above) and select the desired key combination.

The scripts of the MT4 trading terminal can greatly facilitate the management of trading positions and make forex trading much more convenient.

Before working with scripts on a live trading account, install them and test all the commands on a demo account. So, you will be sure that the script performs the action you need and its use will not bring you any inconvenience or additional problems.

You can download these useful scripts in the zip archive absolutely free and without registration at the link – Close All Scripts Zip.

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