Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) plans to ban binary options trading

On August 22, 2019, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) issued a document (19-220MR) proposing to prohibit the trading of binary options for retail traders.

Australian Securities and Investments Commission

The same document also proposes to significantly limit the trading of CFDs (CFDs). Continue reading

Central Bank of Russia terminated licenses from five forex brokers

The Central Bank of Russia revoked licenses from brokers – Forex Club, Fix Trade, Trastforex, Alpari Forex and Teletrade Group.

Central Bank of Russia

Decisions on this are posted on the website of the Central Bank of Russia. Continue reading

How to choose the right forex broker (part 2)

Choosing the right forex broker is extremely important for successful work in the forex market. The absence of technical, financial and other organizational problems will allow you to fully concentrate on your trade and add positive emotions from working in the foreign exchange market.

Choosing the right forex broker is choosing the right door to the world of forex

This article continues the topic of choosing a forex broker to work in the forex market. The first part is read on this link – Forex brokers – difficult choice (part 1). Continue reading

Japan can tighter leverage cap on forex trading

Japan’s Financial Services Agency is considering lowering the maximum leverage allowed on foreign exchange trading by individuals as soon as this spring to curb risk taking. Proposal before regulator would lower limit on gearing from 25 to 1 to 10 to 1.NIKKEI

The agency is studying a proposal to bring the leverage cap from 25 to 1 down to 10 to 1, based on trends in historical market volatility. Continue reading

Forex brokers – difficult choice (part 1).

Any trader starting to work in the foreign exchange market faces the issue of choosing a forex broker. This moment for the trader is one of the most important, especially for those who do this for the first time, and this issue should be given maximum attention.

Choosing a forex broker

In the vastness of the Internet a huge amount of information on this issue, but most of this information is very general, clearly biased and advertising nature. I will share with you objective information based on my own experience and try to reflect most of the non-obvious moments that arise when choosing a forex broker. Continue reading

News: FastMatch is making its FX Tape feed accessible to retail traders.

FastMatch, Inc., the fastest growing FX spot market operator, which has operated as a Euronext company since August 2017.


Euronext announced  that individuals may now purchase FX Tape data from its website at a cost of €40 a month, using their credit cards. Continue reading