Euro-dollar currency pair (EURUSD) is consolidating in triangle

Yesterday we wrote on our website about the triangle formed on the US dollar index – Geometric metamorphosis of the US dollar index (USDX).

The triangle on the pair EURUSD-121218

On the EURUSD currency pair, the figure of technical triangle has also formed. Continue reading

Euro-dollar on forex – triangle technical figure

The agreement between US  and China at the last G20 summit led to a decrease in tensions in financial markets. The risk appetite led to demand, including for the single European currency. However, the long-term trend of the US dollar growth on forex is still in force.

EURUSDDaily-dollar growth trend
What technical levels do traders of the EURUSD pair need to monitor in the foreign exchange market? Continue reading

Japanese yen (USDJPY) – consolidation in the triangle and the inside bar

“Risk Off” sentiments on forex ends? The USDJPY currency pair is forming the second consecutive inside bar.Inside bar on USDJPY-310518

Pay attention, on the daily chart USDJPY three consecutive candles can not close below the mirror support (green rectangle). Continue reading

The British pound (GBPUSD) closes the day with another inside bar

Despite today’s drop in the dollar on the foreign exchange market, the British pound (GBPUSD pair) could not overcome resistance 1.33. The day candle is closed by the inside bar.

Inside Bar on GBPUSD-300518

As usual, when forming the inner bar, we see the technical figure of a triangle. Continue reading

How to trade in triangles on Forex

Triangle is a quite common technical figure on Forex. Traders need to know how to open positions in the triangle with the least risk.

False Breakdown of the Triangle on Forex

The technical figure Triangle and the principles of working with it are described in detail in the article “Figure of the technical analysis Triangle – use on a Forex”. In this article I will describe in detail the scheme of actions for the opening of trading positions in this technical figure on a real example. Continue reading

Dead cat bounce on forex

Dead cat bounce – a price model in financial markets, which means a false rebound in the price after a sharp drop in the asset. After the rebound, the price of the financial asset continues to go down.

Dead cat bounce on forex

This expression came to forex from the stock market, but can be applied to any financial assets. Continue reading

The euro closed the week with an inside doji – what next?

Consolidation on the EURUSD currency pair continues.

Inside doji-bar on EURUSD Daily
Closure of the trading week last Friday led to the formation of an inside bar in the form of doji candle. Continue reading

The triangle on EURUSD – continuation of a trend or reversal?

The continued consolidation on the EURUSD currency pair led to the formation of the technical figure of the triangle on the daily chart.

Triangle on EURUSD Daily-130418
Exit from the triangle on the daily chart can determine the nearest dynamics of the European currency to forex. Continue reading

Inside bar – technical setup on forex

The next trading week ended in the forex market by forming on the EURUSD currency pair a well-known technical set-up “inside bar” and this is an excellent opportunity to study and check the known Price Action setup in a real situation.
On the daily chart, you see this last candle at number 9.

Inside Bar on EURUSD Daily

For comparison and objective analysis, I identified on the chart all the inside candles and numbered them from 1 to 9. Continue reading

EURUSD consolidates in a triangle

In today’s trading day, the currency pair has formed a figure of technical analysis of the triangle.

Triangle on EURUSD M30-230218Depending on which resistance line (upper or lower) the pair breaks, and directional movement will occur. Continue reading

“The Market’s Line” – technical pattern in the Forex market

Last week a number of specific technical price patterns, called the “The Market’s Line”, arose on a number of currency pairs in the forex market.

The market's line model on GBPUSD M30

“The market’s line” is a price technical model emerging in the forex market as a result of the consolidation of a currency pair in a very narrow price range for a sufficiently long period of time. Continue reading

Forex reversal models on EURUSD (part 3).

Continue to analyze the reversal patterns of the forex market on the EURUSD pair. Let’s consider the figures from 32 to 41, which you see on the chart H4 and at the end of the article we will summarize the intermediate results of the analysis.

Reversal models EURUSD H4-3

This article continues the cycle of materials on the reversal figures on the EURUSD pair. The first article is “Reversal models in the forex market”. Continue reading

Forex reversal models on the currency pair EURUSD (part 2)

We continue to publish materials on the analysis of the reversal models of the forex market on the EURUSD pair.

Reversal models EURUSD H4-2
This is a continuation, see the articles in the articles –  “Reversal models in the forex market” and “Forex reversal models on currency pair EURUSD (part 1)”. Continue reading

Forex reversal models on the currency pair EURUSD (part 1)

We begin the cycle of publication of the reversal models of the forex market from the EURUSD currency pair. This is the second article, start from the beginning – “Reversal models in the forex market“.

Reversal models EURUSD H4-1How to work with this. In accordance with the principles of trend movement, the price, in the process of its movement, forms the high and low, the alternation of which is the trend or price movement in the trend. Continue reading

Reversal models in the forex market

We have repeatedly read or heard about classic reversal models and their application in the Forex market. Double top, head and shoulders, models “M”, “W”, “V”, triple top, rounded top, candles and other models of trend reversal are described in all textbooks and manuals for work in the foreign exchange market. They are taught in training courses in the basics of trading. You can still find them with a detailed description on almost any site about the forex market.Foto-road reversal

So, forget all this nonsense. Just throw out of your head if you want to profitably work in financial markets. Models from the past, when data on prices traders received from daily issues of the Finansial Times and drew price charts of crosses and toes in the era of the Internet and computers, when robots and deals are traded for milliseconds round the clock around the world simply do not work. Continue reading

Figure of the technical analysis Triangle – use on a Forex.

The triangle is a very common and frequently occurring figure of technical analysis in the Forex market. Correct interpretation of the triangle and its application at the entrance to the market significantly expands the arsenal of trading techniques of each trader.

Figure of the technical analysis Triangle

There are several types of triangles – ascending, descending and symmetrical. However, I believe that it is necessary to focus not on the form, but on the essence of the model itself and the reasons for its formation. Continue reading