What happened to this world??!!!

No words….

Golden rules of Forex trading

The forex market is a total hell. The most risky market in the world.

Trader at the gates of hell forex
And to survive on it, you must observe the basic rules of work in the foreign exchange market. Continue reading

Psychology in forex – can you believe the experts and whether there are “smart money”

In the currency market, the term “smart money” is very common, which means that some large institutional traders understand the market better, have access to insider information or analytical mechanisms that allow them to make better predictions.

Illusions in financial markets

A similar situation with the experts’ opinions on the forex market. We are surrounded by various professional opinions and forecasts that affect us from all types of media and the Internet. Continue reading

Trading psychology – how a human can be better than a robot in forex trading

In all the world’s financial markets in recent years, actively developing trade using algorithmic systems – robots. Many market participants are convinced that algo-trading forex is the future.

Forex trading
Either way, many are confident that the share of algo-trading in the financial markets will continue to grow, but it will not be able to dislodge a person, because it is he who pushes his ideas into algorithms that robots implement. No matter how complex the algorithm was built into the trading robot, this algorithm was put there by the person. Continue reading

How our brain warns us about the future

The FX traders – be rejoice. Before you, scientific proof that you can be faster than any algos. speed of thought

How much time do we spend behind monitors mentally continuing the price movements on the chart? You just need to learn to believe your feelings. Continue reading