Great optical video illusion – cars disappear into the bridge

This video was posted on Twitter and caused a lot of perplexity.

Look carefully and note how long it took you to figure out where the cars disappear. Continue reading

The picture created by artificial intelligence, sold at auction for 432,500 US dollars

The painting “Portrait of Edmond Belamy” was sold at Christieʼs for 432.5 thousand dollars. This is the first such artwork sold at auction. Initially, the lot was estimated at 7-10 thousand dollars.

Portrait of Edmond Belamy

Computer technology and artificial intelligence have firmly entered into our life and art. But I was always amazed at the ability of people to pay big money for something that does not exist or does not cost anything. Continue reading

Funny optical illusion in the network

Just look at the photo and tell me what you see?

Funny optical illusion

As if he stands on his heels in women’s clothes and hugs a girl sitting on a chair. But take a closer look. Continue reading

The battle for the village of Beliy Rast is a feat of sailors during the war.

These days, when Victory Day is celebrated, I want to tell you a story about the events that took place in the village of Belij Rast near Moscow during the war.

Church of Michael the Archangel in the village of Belij Rast

This story is written in the blood of our fathers and grandfathers during the Word War II. Continue reading

“Snegovichok” in London – soon from Britain will send 23 snowman to Russia

The UK was covered by a cyclone – “Snegovichok”. “Snegovichok” in Russian is a small snowman, but this word very consonant with the word “Novichok”.

Snegovichok in London

Teresa May said that the birthplace of the snow is Russia, and requires Putin to explain. Continue reading

New amazing Dolphin clip – “520”

Dolphin (real name – Andrey Lysikov, born September 29, 1971) is a Russian poet and musician. Today, the premiere of the new video Dolphin – “520”.

On March 23, Delphin’s tenth album, “442”, is released with a new line-up of musicians. All the songs on it are called numbers. Continue reading

What the Russian president said to the world in his message

On March 1, 2018, President Vladimir Putin for the 14th time addressed the traditional annual message to the Federal Assembly.

Message of the President of the Russian Federation to the Federal Assembly of 2018

A significant part of the speech was devoted to ensuring security and demonstrating the military might of the Russia. Continue reading

Over 200,000 years of the world’s population growth in one video

Humanity took 200,000 years to reach a population of 1 billion people, and only 200 years – to grow to 7 billion.

World Population Growth
In the period from 1900 to 2000, the world population growth was three times more than in the entire previous history of mankind – an increase from 1.5 to 6.1 billion in just 100 years. Continue reading

A crypto-photograph of a red rose was sold for 1 million dollars

On Valentine’s Day, a digital crypto-photograph of a red rose was sold for 1 million dollars in a cryptocurrency to a group of 10 collectors.


This is considered the highest price ever paid for virtual art work. Continue reading

Roger Ballen – one of the most provocative photographers of our time

Meet – Roger Ballen, one of the most controversial and unique photo artists of our time.

Roger Ballen-2The square shape and black and white color are the distinctive style of his unique works. Strange photographs and non-standard films challenge the viewer and force them to plunge into their own thoughts on the verge of reality and fiction. Continue reading